About Us

South West Automotive are your fully licensed vehicle repairer based in Dunsborough. We help people in the South West ensure they get the very best care for their vehicle – whether it’s a family 4WD or classic muscle car. No need to make the big trek up to Perth. Stay local and meet passionate locals who love and support great community.


Repairs / Servicing

Log Book / New Car Servicing by fully licensed repairers.


All types of Upgrades to take your vehicle to the next level.


Professional ECU Remapping service for Power and Efficiency.
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Lowering, lifting, wheel alignment and more.

It’s like awakening a sleeping giant! The first drive was every bit as exciting as driving my Cobra after you supercharged it. It is so much more responsive – I only use a fraction of the accelerator pedal in comparison to how it was before. SIMPLY FANTASTIC!!

Ian ReidIan Reid Builders

Ford F250


South West Automotive are your vehicle specialists for the South West. We repair, upgrade, tune and service all makes and models including Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Holden and Mitsubishi Cars, as well as a host of European, American and Japanese cars and 4WDs.


As licensed repairers, our log book servicing and repairs will not void your new car warranty. That means you can rest assured you are getting the very best care and servicing for your car without having to make the big trek up to Perth.

We love to meet our customers and understand that you want the very best results for your vehicle. As locals who live in the South West, we love our great community and understand that you need a vehicle that is reliable for the quick trip into town, the longer trip to the city or the weekend trip off road. We’ve got you covered.

If you are exploring the best options for your vehicle and want to know about our range of services or pricing, talk to us today. We are more than happy to help.