Vehicle Tuning

Gain more horse power, torque and fuel efficiency with Performance ECU Remapping for 4WDs and cars. Unleash the power and get a free quote today.

After 3” exhaust upgrade, HPD intercooler and a Dominator Series 1 chip the performance went from 108 HP to 220.8HP and the torque was doubled.

Dr Mostyn Hamdorf – Dunsborough Medical Centre
( 2012 76 Series Landcruiser)  

A huge thank you after you had remapped the ecu and dyno tuned my 2008 Hiace taxi the power and fuel savings have been awesome doing the all the hills around here with full loads is no problem now instead of dropping in speed and changing down a gear I am still in fith and picking up speed and that’s with 2 air cons running thank you again and I hope you all had a great christmas and a safe new year. Chears from Taz’s Taxi.

Taz’s Taxi
(2008 Hiace)

Exhaust and Tuning Packages

We supply and fit exhaust and tuning packages for most 4WD’s. Performance ECU Remapping is available for a large range of 4WDs and cars. By modifying your Engine Control Unit (ECU) you will gain more horse power, torque & gains in economy than any other performance modification you can do. Turbo diesel vehicles can expect gains of 20% which varies depending on the vehicle.  And with a Turbo Back Exhaust we can experience additional gains.