We often work with Landcruisers here at South West Automotive. They are known for their legendary reliability and ability to handle tough terrain. This makes them the vehicle of choice for many living in the South West.

Recently we worked with Dr Mostyn Hamdord’s beloved 2012 76 series Landcruiser. He enlisted our services to help improve the performance of the vehicle. We provided a range of performance enhancements including remapping the engine. The result according to Dr Mostyn was “remarkable”. Needless to say I think he was pleased with the results.

Here is what he had to say:

“After taking delivery of a 2012 76 series Landcruiser I was keen to improve the performance. I discussed my plans with South West Automotive and beyond suspension upgrades we embarked on improving the performance at the rear wheels. After 3” exhaust upgrade, HPD intercooler and a Dominator Series 1 chip the performance went from 108 HP to 220.8HP and the torque was doubled.”

“Fuel consumption was 13.9l/100km but performance was marred embarrassing amounts of sooty exhaust under acceleration. The onset power under acceleration was brutal but seemed to lack torque at low rpm. The chip was recently removed and South West Auto’s remapped the engine management system and the changes have been remarkable.”

“Output at the rear wheels 241.5 HP! Low down torque has doubled and the torque curve has improved across the operating range. Fuel economy has improved from13.9l/100km to 11.5l/100km! On the road, there is less fuel injected rattle and the vehicle is easier to drive with smooth onset of power and better low down torque. I would strongly recommend you talk to South West Automotive if you wish to improve performance and fuel economy. You won’t regret it.”


Here you can see the remapping analysis for the project.

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