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We now offer financing options through MacCredit. Click on the link below to apply at the MacCredit website.


Professional, affordable Dunsborough based servicing for all makes and models. As a licensed repairer you get a high quality service that wont break your new car warranty.


We provide both minor and major repairs to get you back on the road sooner. We carry out licensed repair work at affordable rates.


From high performance cars to four wheel drives. Classics to muscle cars. We can provide all types of engine, suspension and performance upgrades.


Get more power and efficiency from your car with our cutting edge performance tuning technology. Our customers are amazed at the difference in performance, efficiency and towing capacity after our performance tuning.

Suspension Diagram


Full range of suspension upgrades and repairs for your vehicle.


Servicing & Repairs

Fully licensed repair and servicing specialists for the South West.



A full suite of upgrades available to take your vehicle to the next level.



Improve performance and fuel efficiency with our performance tuning service.

The difference before and after is amazing. The cruiser is much more fun to drive and overtaking is effortless, not to mention better on fuel consumption. The Dyno results speak for themselves!

Rod Leeder – Cape Formwork 
( VDJ79R Land Cruiser)  


Vehicles. We rely on them more than we realise and often take them for granted. Living in the South West means often you are relying on your vehicle for most day to day tasks like getting to work, picking the kids up from school, making appointments or doing the shopping. On weekends they are our gateway to fun and adventure which is one of the reasons we love the great South West.


Here at South West Automotive we understand your lifestyle and reliance on your vehicle because we live here too. We go the extra mile to make sure your car is prepared for your life. From taking the time to ensure all log book servicing tasks are complete, to making sure your vehicle is tuned to be as efficient as possible. We love what we do and we have an eye for detail that ensures a complete, professional and fully licensed car service.


No more treks up to Perth for new car servicing, no more trying to source rare parts for your classic restoration project. Here at South West Automotive, we’ve got you covered. It’s no wonder our customers love us and love the results even more after we have worked on their car. Talk to us today about how we can help you. 



Benefits Of Suspension Upgrades

Car manufacturers have a range of conditions and requirements, however, your budget and requirements might not correspond with the car maker’s vision for their specific model. In that situation, you might think about a suspension upgrade with aftermarket components. Here are a few of the popular aftermarket kits and parts you might need to consider.

Why Engine Oil Matters

It does not matter if you are using conventional motor oil or full synthetic oil. What matters is that you should use the right engine oil because it will extend the life of your vehicle and keep it running efficiently for many years. Here’s more reason why engine oil matters.

Tips For Looking After Your Vehicle

In order to be safe on the road, there are things in your car that should be checked out first. There are also 9 things you should check before you take a road trip. Here are our car care tips that will help you understand why you need to take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic regularly for regular maintenance and inspection.